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Easy and Free Web Forms

I am frugal by nature and if I can do something myself I will. If I can do it for free all the better. I usually look for plugins to accomplish my needs for WordPress. There are things I have never been able to do because web forms have puzzled, perplexed, and plagued me for a very long time. I will try and do other things on my websites than use a form to keep from being frustrated yet again. Well no more!

I found the easy solution to web forms. Want to know what it is? Ok here goes.


checklist webform

They have the best and easiest to use form builder out there. Free account option too. Easy to use interface. Lots of preconfigured fields to use. Widgets, tools and more. Allows file uploads. Customize your forms, colors, fonts, background images.  So much easier than any other option I tried. Social media and PayPal integration too. I Love JOT FORM – YOU will too!

You can even allow anonymous people to upload files to your dropbox. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I had to update this post after further exploration of the interface at Jot Form. I am thrilled, you can even download all your form submission data to an Excel spreadsheet, CSV file or pdf and these files have clickable links to the documents people have uploaded to you. You can find the data if you click the form you are interested in seeing, and on the far right, choose the more link, and then choose view submissions. You can download the data from that section.

Also make sure you check out the videos on how to use the new form designer. There is currently a small pop up in the bottom left hand corner or the screen. Lots of very quick and informative videos on the form builder functionality.

This just keeps getting better and better. Click the little account icon on the far right and choose increase your limits for free. You can do some things like share, tweet and follow and get additional monthly submissions permanently for free.

I can’t say it enough, I love Jot Form!

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