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The Importance Of A Great “NO MAN” In Your Business Team

Everybody has heard of a “YES MAN,” the toady that tells the boss that he’s FABULOUS! And that all of his ideas are WONDERFUL! But if you’re starting your own business like I am, the one person that you really need on your new business team is a really good “NO MAN” who will listen to what you suggest and then blow holes in it – ruthlessly.

Actually having a “NO MAN” on your business team may seem counter-intuitive. Don’t we want to keep up morale and not expose ourselves to negative thinking that can swamp our little ego-boat before we even leave shore? But, I have learned from first-hand experience that I am gullible and ready to sign-up for nearly every product that some slick hawker puts in front of me. I NEED my “NO MAN” business partner who is actually a woman (my sister), to put the brakes on and help me to keep my wallet closed before I can order yet another Millions by Monday scheme. I run all of my ideas past this brilliant woman and she helps me to evaluate whether or not we really need this whiz-bang product or if it is just another of the “shiny objects” that catch my attention so easily.

What I hear from my “NO MAN” most often is what should really be my very own mantra:


So for all of the rest of you out there that are working on your own business, don’t forget to thank your “NO MAN” for all their hard work and if you don’t already have one, find one quick – before you go broke!

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