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Jack Jacker Gold Version Review

Hi guys, today I’m going to do a quick review for you of the Jack Jacker Gold WordPress plugin.

The plugin is an extremely powerful and useful marketing tool that will help you with your affiliate marketing offers. You can create call to action bars, switch the destination of links on pages, and add your own custom html code. Easily create the content and authority every website needs to succeed.

jack jacker gold

Before we begin you will need to upload and activate the plugin. The video shows you how to do that.

One thing about the Jack Jacker Gold plugin, it is super important for you read the help file. The help file explains some of the things that you need to do to make sure that this plug-in works correctly

First thing is to create a new jack. Set a title of your jack. The name is for your purposes only. Add the content URL that you want to Jack. I used a Wikipedia page in the video for demonstration purposes as they have a lot of links on their page. Select your call to action bar color and text color that will show across the top of the page you are going to jack.

A couple of really important things about Jack Jacker Gold I want to share with you. Remember the gold version comes with white label rights and it is 100% non branded to the developer. You won’t have to worry about anyone else’s name showing up on a product you’re going to sell because it does come with 100% re-seller rights when you purchase.

The Gold version has a Jack Page Links option that lets you chose to redirect any link on any page to any URL you chose. You can send your traffic to your affiliate link. That is an extremely powerful marketing option.

The Gold Version comes with the ability to add custom html to your Jack too. Using the custom html section you can add re-targeting code. Example a Facebook pixel or Google ad words pixel. You can also add your own pop-up, or on exit pop up code.

The main function of this plug-in is to put a clickable call to action bar on top of any other website’s content.  The other website’s page is actually pulled into and displayed on your website. You can also redirect all the links on the page to your affiliate link. Once the page links have been jacked you can hover over any of the links on that page and see that they are redirecting to your affiliate link.

Being able to control where you traffic goes is very important as vendors can steal your traffic without paying you. If your traffic is sent to the affiliate page offer and the visitor decides not to purchase the product, the vendor can display an on exit pop up and capture your visitor’s details if they offer some benefit to get on the vendor’s email list. You sent the traffic and got no benefit. The vendor is taking your traffic without paying you. You could use your own on exit pop up code, offer your own lead magnet and get your traffic added to your own email list. Again powerful marketing options.

After you create your Jack you can share this link on to your Facebook or other social media accounts. Your shared content will still be shared from your page but will appear to be from your content source and when people share your post they will still be sharing your link with your affiliate links built in.

This plugin offers you very powerful marketing options that can be used in multiple ways. Great benefit for the price.

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Jack Jacker Gold Review
4.6 / 5 Total Score
Easy to use plugin. Provides awesome marketing assistance. Gold version has white label and re-seller rights. Allows you to control where you send your traffic. Include custom html code like pop up or re-targeting code. Great low price for what you get.
Plugin conflicts can always be a problem but I would prefer not to have to install this on its own sub-domain. To be fair, that only took a few extra minutes.
Great plugin. Wonderful concept. Easy to use. Affiliate marketers work hard for their traffic and being able to control your traffic and where it goes is a major advantage. Also, changing where all the links on a page redirect to, even someone else's page, is powerful marketing and it only gets better when you remember you can include your own custom html code.
Ease of Use4

Grab your copy of Jack Jacker Gold today

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2 Responses

  1. Kay Collier
    | Reply

    Hi Trish,
    I already have Jack Jacker Gold but it just won’t work for me. I do have quite a few plugins and don’t really want to uninstall them so I have deactivated a few…makes no difference.
    Can I ask you if you wouldn’t mind how you managed to do this?

    “Plugin conflicts can always be a problem but I would prefer not to have to install this on its own sub-domain. To be fair, that only took a few extra minutes.”

    • Trish Kemke
      | Reply

      Hi Kay,
      Sorry I missed this comment. Did you see the help file for the plugin? Here is what is recommended.

      Important Notes:
      * Please note all URL’s entered into Jack Jacker should be full URL’s.
      * Jack Jacker requires PHP 5.2 or greater and the CURL library. Most hosting company’s should have this.

      * For best results please put Jack Jacker on a WordPress site that has no other plugins on it. This is to avoid possible conflicts. A good idea is to install a sub domain on your site. Add WordPress to the sub domain and then use that for your jacks alone.

      * Because of errors or conflicts in the site you are trying to jack it is not possible to guarantee that every site on the internet will be able to be properly jacked with Jack Jacker

      P.s. did you see my video Youtube on this plugin? Jack Jacker Gold Best Review

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you need more info.

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