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In this tutorial I want to show you how to use the Hijax software.

Before I start the tutorial, quick question, why would you even need this software? Well, you should never send traffic directly to an affiliate sales page as you will lose traffic, sales, opportunities and potentially thousands of dollars. Many marketers use a bridge page or bonus page but the same problem exists – you will lose traffic.

Sending traffic to those types of pages is an extra step and people are not willing to hop from page to page. They get distracted easily and waiting for yet another page to build can be too much for many people. Let’s face it, the attention span of people is very limited and you need to get them where they need to go quickly, without any extra steps.

Hijax software bridges that gap and eliminates the need for extra steps. Your traffic is taken directly to the affiliate page but you get to play your video and also display a scarcity timer on that same affiliate page, before the affiliate page is visible. Also any auto play videos on your affiliate sales page will not play until your video has played. Your video is your opportunity to present your bonus without having to send your traffic to a separate page. You can list your bonus in the JVZoo page.

If you want to dominate your marketing niche and crush your competition Hijax is what you need.

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On to the review.

Hijax Software Review
4.5 / 5 Total Score
Send your traffic directly to your affiliate page but retain the ability to show your bonus information without the need for a separate bonus page. Eliminate expensive traffic loss by reducing the number of pages people have to load to see your offer.
You have to make a video. Simple endeavor with today's technology but still some may find video creation challenging.
Hijax software gives you a tremendous marketing advantage over your competition. If you are looking to dominate in your niche and destroy your competition this is the program you need. To be able to display a video of your choice over the top of any web page and include a scarcity timer on that same page after the video plays is powerful marketing at your fingertips.
Ease of Use3.5

When you log into your Hijax account you will see a page that has the navigation buttons listed across the top of the page.

♦ You can access your pages dashboard
♦ You can view all of the extras
♦ You can watch the tutorials
♦ You can view the bonus training
♦ You can ask for further assistance from support

To start with hijacks you will want to create your first page. You will create your page by clicking on the pages button. If you are just starting out with Hijax there will not be any pages showing for you yet. You will need to click on the create new button and enter a page name. The name is for your reference only and you can call this anything you like.

Next you will want to edit your page. There are a few settings here and I will go through each one. These should be pretty self-explanatory but just to make sure that everybody understands what they are I will go through them for you.

The first setting is the page name and that is for your reference only just so you can remember what this page is for when you look inside of your dashboard.

The second one is the page title. This is the title of the page and it will show in the tab in your browser. You will want to enter in something relevant.

The next thing is going to be the target URL. This is the URL of the website that you are going to hijack and normally this is going to be your affiliate link. One of the main reasons Hijax was created is to do affiliate promotions, specifically JVZoo affiliate promotions. What you will enter here is your JVZoo affiliate URL for a product that you want to promote. You just need to paste your link in the target URL field.

Next you will need your video code. This is the code for the YouTube video that you want to initially show when people go to your hijacked page. You can create and use your own custom video. You just need to enter the video code in the field. If you don’t know how to get a YouTube video code there is a tutorial that will teach you how to get your YouTube video code.

The next field is going to ask for the color of your box. This is the color of the border that surrounds the video when the video shows up over the top of your hijacked page. You can also pick a color for the timer bar that displays across the top of your hijacked page after the video is shown. You can select any colors you like as it really doesn’t matter what colors you pick. Although you might like the colors to work with the hijacked page colors or you can chose colors that really stand out and draw attention. You pick.

The next field allows you to enter text that will display in a box below your video. You can use any text you like but an additional call to action or some additional description of your offer may work well. This text box allows you to use more than just a few words. You can also test how much text will fit in this box. Enter what you want and then edit the text to fit the box limits. I was able to get it to list a few small sentences, 4 lines.

Next you can set your timer text. This will be the text that is going to display next to your scarcity timer in the bar across the top of your hijacked page. It is best to enter in something that tells people what the timer is for. In the tutorial video I am offering a bonus for this promotion for a limited time only. The timer will count down to when the bonus is no longer available. You will want to use a call to action. In the video tutorial I entered “Bonus Special Expires In.”

P.S. never do false scarcity as people will quickly learn to ignore your calls to action about limited time only. If the promo is over it really needs to be over. That way people will learn to take action, or miss out again, when you have another awesome promotion available.

Next select the date and the time that you want your timer to count down to.

You will also want to enter in a message that’s going to show in place of the timer if the timer has expired as you don’t want to show a timer that has all zeros. That looks less than professional. You can use something like “Sorry the Bonus Offer Expired.”

The final setting is completely optional. You can put any custom code that you want in your hijacked page and this custom code could be anything you like. It could be pop-up code, it could be re-targeting code, and it could be any specific custom code that you would like to have on your hijacked page. If you don’t have any custom code that you specifically want on that page that is perfectly fine as this field is a completely optional setting.

Once everything is entered the way you want it to be, click on save and exit.

You will be taken back to the main dashboard and you can see your test page listed there.
Each page you create will be shown as one line on your dashboard and there are a couple of buttons included with each page’s details.

I’ll go over each one just to make sure you understand what they are for.

The first button looks like a little graph and it is a clickable icon. Click the graph to see the stats for your page. After you have some traffic to your page the graph icon will display detailed information on your page visitors.

The Edit button is to edit your page. You can make any corrections after you test the way your hijacked page and scarcity bar display.

The link button gives you your hijacked page URL. Copy and paste that link into a browser to make sure it all works well. Always test your links and pages before you share them.

The View button will take you to your page so you can preview it. Best practice is to view your page. Make sure the video can play. Check that your text box that shows under the video displays the correct text. Close the video and check to make sure your scarcity bar shows across your hijacked page listing the correct details. Any links that you control please test them and make sure they operate as you want and go where you want.

The Bar Only button gives you code to display your bar only on your own web page.

The delete button is so you can delete your page.

Also if you need help with the Hijax software you can send a support request. SUPER IMPORTANT – if requesting support please make sure you include any relevant information for example a link to the page that you’ve created, mention that you’re using the hijack software and be sure to include your account login email address.

That is all there is to using the Hijax software. The Hijax software gives you a tremendous marketing advantage over your competition. If you are looking to dominate in your niche and destroy your competition this is the program you need. To be able to display a video of your choice over the top of any web page and include a scarcity timer on that same page after the video plays is powerful marketing at your fingertips. Take advantage of this powerful software.

Grab Your Copy Today.

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