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Jack Jacker Free WordPress Plugin

Allows you to have instant quality content and authority on your website and allows you to put a clickable call to action bar on top of other people’s curated content pulled into your website.

This is an extremely powerful tool for those wanting to do affiliate marketing, CPC, CPA advertising as well as other forms of information marketing. Using this plugin in conjunction with your social media accounts provides massive potential for affiliate commissions.

Jack Jacker Review
4.4 / 5 Total Score
Easy to use, powerful tool. Place call to action bar on any website or page and drive traffic to your affiliate link. Borrow content and authority for your website. Useful for affiliate, niche or CPA marketing.
No scarcity options. No timer options. Inability to change links on page.
Jack Jacker is a great free little plugin with tremendous marketing power, especially when combined with your social media accounts. Lets you place a clickable call to action bar across any website or page you want and lets you drive traffic to your affiliate link.
Ease of Use4

Please grab your FREE, VERY easy to use, Jack Jacker plugin now. There is also an instructional video included right inside the plugin for you. We should be charging for this plugin, but it works so well and we wanted to share it with you to help you build your website with quality content. And also so you can see what we offer has true value. Please download your copy now.

Jack Jacker free wordpress plugin

WordPress Plugins allow you to implement pieces of code or run routines that provide useful or beneficial actions on your website. Plugins allow you to have the benefit without having to know how to write html, JavaScript, php… code. Quality plugin developers update their plugin’s code to keep them working with the latest version of WordPress.

Some of these plugins provide amazing services. They can provide membership, eCommerce, SEO, caching, image galleries, private profiles for your website users, security, really the functions of plugins are widely diverse and there is probably a plugin for almost anything you want your website to do.

That is the beauty of WordPress, it is an open source free resource to let you create and run any type of website you desire. Some very big name websites are run on WordPress. Please don’t discount the program because it is free and open source. WordPress is extremely powerful and infinitely customizable through themes and plugins.

The open source community is awesome and the developers are extremely talented people working to help one another. You can provide a review on the plugin page or make a donation if you feel you got a benefit from any of their work for plugins or themes you may download.

Many other useful open source programs are available too. GIMP is an image editing open source program similar to Photoshop which I really like but has a considerable learning curve. Inkscape is another very useful open source image program but it works with scalable vector graphics, SVG files. Whereas GIMP is more for photos – .jpeg, .png files and many other file formats.

The WordPress plugin repository, while not the easiest to navigate or find things in, gives you access and ratings to the plugins. Make sure you chose plugins that are current and up to date as out of date plugins can pose security vulnerabilities to your website. There are also premium plugins which you would need to purchase. Some plugins are offered in a “lite” version for free with upgrades to premium versions offering additional high end services or benefits.

WordPress is awesome. Go grab your copy of Jack Jacker now. Enjoy!

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