Curious About Network Marketing and How it Can Change Your Life?

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Need to Grow Your Downline?

Everyone who ever contemplated starting a network marketing business dreams of massive downlines and huge passive monthly incomes. Right?

Don’t you all really just want some financial security? The ability to provide for your family? Get your piece of the pie? Pay off your car? Help with monthly bills?

Network marketing is one of the only business ventures where regular folks who apply themselves can achieve their goals.

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Network Marketing, in my opinion, is the best option to start a small business with the least barriers to entry and best possible upside potential.

Unfortunately what you have been told by your upline is not generally productive.

What do you do when you run out of people to talk to? Burned through your 100 names list yet?

What if your friends and family, your warm market, are hiding from you and your business opportunities. Maybe you no longer have a warm market but a burnt market instead.

You need better information and proven systems developed by successful marketers if you want to succeed.

No you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You just need access to proven systems.

plan for successEnroll New Reps Like Clockwork

Let’s face it, not everyone you meet is a candidate for your business opportunity. Please stop assuming they are. Never bug, bother, or pester your friends or family again. That is uncomfortable for you and your friends and family. Only once you no longer care what someone’s answer is regarding your business opportunity will you be comfortable sharing your opportunity with friends and family.

In regards to friends and family the best thing you can do is approach them like this. “Now I know this is not for you, but Uncle Joe, I know you love me and want to support me in my endeavors, I need your help, I have a new business and I need some honest product testimonials, you will never have to buy the product again if you don’t want to. Do you have my back, can I count on you for your support.”

Also your product should be your focus, not the business opportunity, and you should pick your number one best product attribute and focus on that.

You need consumers more than you need business builders.

Once someone is a raving fan and loves the product, offering them a way to profit from sharing that love is easy.

Asking someone to extol the virtues of something they don’t use, and are only interested in pedaling as a way to make money, is a horrible plan and anyone you talk to will be wise to, and adverse to your agenda.

Make life easy for yourself be a consumer of the product you are trying to sell first. If you love your product your passion will shine through.

Find Pre-Qualified Prospects

I can tell you for sure having a system whereby people seek you out is preferable to chasing others.

Insulating yourself from the pain of constant negativity is important in Network Marketing and unless you have a sales background and are used to hearing “no” and every other excuse people have for not changing their lives, you would do well to find that system whereby people approach you.

Waking up to an email with someone asking you to contact them is awesome and better for you and the prospect.

You have what they want. Help them.

Again systems make this a reality.

Simple Recruiting Process

Once you have a system in place that gets people knocking on your door you will also need some idea of what to say to your prospects. Believe me you are not being told the right things to say by your upline. And if you don’t get this part right you will never be really successful at Network Marketing.

You need a few well designed scripts you can walk through with your prospects. Better yet is if someone shows you how to put those scripts together for yourself, instead of trying to make some one size fits all script work for you and your product.

Talking to your prospects should be easy as they have self identified as wanting something you have. But again unless you have a background in sales and are used to hearing no, you might just become a little discouraged without some help from proven successful marketers.

Laser Targeted Leads

Who doesn’t want laser targeted leads? Again if your upline is encouraging you to use the three foot rule – anyone within 3 feet of you is a hot prospect, is walking you down the wrong path. That is not helpful and can be very uncomfortable for you and the person you are trying to convert.

Please don’t bother everyone you come across with your opportunity. You should only expend your precious time on activities that produce results or better yet revenue.

Again this comes down to systems and you need a way to quickly sort and sift the people you work with. Spend your precious time with those who are seeking what you have to offer.

There are easy and proven ways to get leads who are ready, willing and able, with credit card in hand, to buy your products. You just need to know how and where to find them. P. S. I am not talking about Facebook ads either. I am not knocking Facebook ads as those work too but that is not what I am speaking about.

Crack the Code

Hopefully you are intrigued by these ideas. If you would like to know how to create and implement these systems I have a short, informative, video for you. And no, it doesn’t take millions of dollars, or for you to be a technology wizard either. Believe it or not, many of the most successful, top marketers online today couldn’t write a line of code if their lives depended on it. Take a peak. What have you got to lose? Information never hurt anyone and it might just change your life. Watch the video now for access to the blueprint that may change the way you do business forever.

Yes please show me the Blueprint video NOW.

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