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I recently read and article that talked about Why Buyers Hate Your Sales Presentation by Dan Waldschmidt. Anyone involved in sales should be required to read this article. Dan makes very good points about the way the brain processes information.

dislike sales presentationSales is a process that is highly dependent on the relationship of the parties involved. The brain comes into it more than people like to think about. I know sales people that think they should cover every little detail down to the smallest piece of minutia and miss all the buying signals their customer is sending along the way. They have a canned speech and feel they have to get the whole thing out before they even flirt with the idea of moving forward with the sale. I truly believe these kinds of sales people are uncomfortable with the process and a little too rigid in their thinking.

Sales is like a romance. I’ll try and share a little information then try and see if we can “seal the deal.” Sales can be an enjoyable endeavor if you keep the right mindset and help people get what they want. People buy based on desire and rationalize the decision with logic.

Generally if you ask the right questions people will be happy to tell you what they need. And, trust me on this if you actually listen and respond genuinely to people they will feel inclined to do business with you. Did you know a recent study pointed out that men are already half in love with a woman that will listen to them. What does that say about what people sincerely desire from others – someone that will listen to them.

Sales is not that hard if you truly desire to help others. Put your needs aside and focus on the customer. Ask the right questions and help people find the answers they need. Solve their problems. Paint vivid emotional word pictures to help them see themselves with your solutions. Please stop boring your prospects with dull statistics, charts and details. So reevaluate your sales process and get out of your own way.

If you would like some extremely good advice on sales and marketing Dan Kennedy The “Father” of Information Marketing has some great books available as well as the NO BS blog, newsletter and TV. One of his best books is the Ultimate Sales Letter check it out here:

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