Free Safelists What Are They and How Do I use Them?

Free safelist email marketing allows you to market your business or promote your opportunity to a list of people who have expressed an interest in receiving your emails. Safelist users agree to receive emails from list members in order to send out their own promotional emails.

Free safelists are double opt in lists that comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations. Make sure any list you use mentions they are CAN-SPAM compliant. Never send unsolicited commercial email. Some people still believe it is possible to buy a list of email addresses with the intent to email the list. Don’t do it. Unless the recipient has given the sender permission to email them the email will be considered spam. That is why a double opt in list can be so valuable. And why those without their own list can use safelists.

Safelists come in many varieties. I have seen lists that use matrix systems, bingo links and other “creative” incentives to get people to use the list. From my personal experience I use and recommend only those safelists that are credit based.

What Is a Credit Based Safelist?

Credit based safelists use a special credit link included in the body of the emails you receive. When you click on the credit link you are taken to the website that the email sender is promoting. In order for you to receive credits from viewing the promoted website you may be required to view the page for 15 – 30 seconds or so. This is good as others will have to view your page too. You want to collect these credits as usually each credit will let you send out one email for each credit you have either on a daily, every two days, three days or weekly schedule. Most of the lists allow you to upgrade to a paid membership with more credits received per month and per email viewed depending on the membership level you choose. For me personally I always sign up as a free member and track my response rate from the list. If the list is effective I may choose to upgrade. And as for the “one time offer” they use to get you to sign up as a paid member right away, guess what you can always delete your first account and sign up again with a different email address and get that one time offer again.

What Is The Best Way To Use a Safelist?

Safelist use can result in receiving a large number of emails, even in the thousands very quickly. For that reason I recommend you sign up for at least 2 Gmail accounts set up for the express purpose of safelist use. Do NOT use your personal email address for safelists. Set up one Gmail account as your “contact” email and one Gmail account as your “list” email. The contact email will receive communications from the list admin and special solo email ads that will give extra credits for viewing and the list email will receive all the other promotional emails sent from the general list membership.

I recommend you keep track of each list you are a member of. I use a Word file. An Excel spreadsheet would work nicely too. I keep the login URL of the list, my username and my password for the list, the “list” email address used, the “contact” email address used and the passwords for those accounts. My file is organized with the daily lists on top. Followed by the every two day lists and then the three day… Keeping organized and only joining one list at a time until you know what you are doing and have a comfortable routine established will keep you from becoming overwhelmed by safelist use.

Are You Tracking Your Safelist Results?

I hope so. If you don’t track your results how will you know which list is productive and which list is a big waste of time. And, I assure you there are a number of lists which are a SUPREME waste of time. Best to find this out early. Time is the great equalizer. Rich or poor we all just get 24 hours a day. Make sure you utilize your time appropriately. So how do I track? I use bitly. This simple URL shortening service is free and provides details of how many clicks you receive per minute, which link they came from and what country the person clicking the link was in. Wonderful service can’t recommend this enough and the fact that it is free is just plain icing on the cake.

One last comment about safelists and their effectiveness. There is a whole complete other animal involved in using safelists successfully and that is copy writing. If your subject line is not compelling people will not choose your email to look at. With credit based lists your body copy may not be as important as people are really just looking for the credit link. But I have found through trial and error that subject lines and body copy do matter. Please don’t just dismiss safelists after a few attempts at sending emails. You will need to fine tune your body copy and subject lines. A good idea is to keep a swap file of subject lines that you found interesting and a swap file with body copy that you liked. Now please understand I am not advocating using other people’s hard work but I am saying use it as a catalyst or starting point to develop your own ideas.

I put this page together after having been asked repeatedly for this same information from many friends. I have also been asked which safelists I use. Below is a list of the safelists I personally use regularly listed in no particular order. Good luck and have fun with it. If you have any questions post a comment below – Thanks!

Free Tool For Organizing Your Safelists

Safelist Results Master (Free Excel Spreadsheet Download Your Free Copy Now)

Optimize your time with this free tool which is the exact file I use to help me identify which lists are performing and which are unproductive. Keep all your data in one place. Manage your email addresses, passwords, login pages, sign ups, traffic, click through rates and more. Testing and tracking your results are two of the most important things you can do. This FREE Excel spreadsheet is configured with over 30 of the top producing credit based free safelists for you to join. Get started with some of the most productive lists I personally use every day and track your results all while keeping your data organized and in one place. I hope you find it useful. Keeps me organized. Some people have told me I am crazy to give this file away for free. I wish someone had been there to help me when I started. Let me be here to help you. Enjoy!

Pat Kemke

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If you would like a safelist reviewed and included on this list please post a comment below – Thanks!